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Bowman Specialized Services is the authority in foundation construction and application of epoxy resin grout to permanently stabilize and secure heavy machinery in large industrial processing plants, refineries as well as field installations. We have been at the forefront of epoxy resin grout applications of all types of industrial machinery for over 25 years.

Bowman Specialized Services is a family owned company with three generations of millwright grouters. We are a unique group of individuals who are passionate about what we do. We do not practice the high volume, low quality type of work you see so often. We perform excellent work at a great price and after using us just once; we aim to be the only company you would ever consider for your equipment grouting and industrial mechanic needs.

We offer everything you need, from the completion of a turnkey project to assisting and consulting you or even your local contractors with any detail of construction. We service all industries from manufacturing to energy production, generation, petrochemical processing and transportation. We offer all of the expertise and equipment that your company needs for any project. Truly, no job is too big or too small.

Skid Installation

We offer inspection and consultation services on the engineering and construction of foundation projects.

Grout Pumping

Bowman Maintenance is one of the few and quite possibly the only company that has perfected pumping epoxy resin grout.

Chocking and Chock Repair

Improperly placed chocks can do as much harm as a broken or loose chock. The consequence of poor contact will result in misalignment and premature wear of equipment and parts.

Engineering and Design

If you need to modify an existing foundation or need help in designing a new block we can help.